Relining Old Markings


Re-Lining Old Playground Markings & Installing on Poor Tarmac

In the past many schools painted playground markings onto their play areas. These markings can fade within the first two years. These discoloured markings can be almost impossible to completely remove and begin to look tired and worn after as little as 6 months. At first4playgrounds we recommend that the paint markings be covered using Thermoplastic playground markings. These markings go over the old markings and in some cases be modified to improve the original game.

These are examples where the old painted playground markings have been relined using Thermoplastic lines that cover the old markings and brighten up the playground area.

Acrylic painted playgrounds with new markings


Playground Markings on poor quality tarmac

At first4playgrounds we can often install playground markings on poor quality tarmac. Even if the tarmac is old and uneven we are still able to install markings up to the highest standard. Please take a moment to take a look at our blog "playground markings on poor quality tarmac" for more information relating to the preparation and installation process.

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