Trim Trails


Trim Trails are a great way for children to develop fitness, strength and agility and challenge eachother in a friendly competitive environment. All of our Trim Trails are all made from sustainable sources and of the highest quality materials.





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Stepping Logs
Stepping logs are a series of short logs that the children can balance on and step from one to the n..
Log Balance Beam
Log with flattened top, groved for anti-slip. Children walk along using balancing skills.  No s..
Log Challenge
Children can have fun walking and balancing on this pine outdoor play equipment. Children can h..
Log Roll
Children are challanged to walk across the rolling log without loosing their balance, develops co-or..
Rolling Log
A combination of the log roll and the Rope Balance. Children walk along the rolling log while holdin..
Rope Balance
Children develop their balancing and coordination skills with the rope walk. Suitable for ks1 a..
Log Swing
Trim trail component allowing the children to climb from log seat to log seat from one side to the o..
Monkey Swinger
Children are challenged to swing and walk from one end of the apparatus to the other. Develops upper..
Monkey Bars
Children can use their imagination and pretend to be in the jungle with these timber framed mon..
Hanging Rope Balance
The timber Hanging Rope Balance has four suspended ropes in steel core rope and is designe..
Ascending Hurdles
Children can enjoy running and jumping over these timber hurdles and develop balance ,core strength,..
Chin Ups
Chin up outdoor trim trail tests upper body stregth, core strength and endurance. The children ..
Rope Ascent
This playground Rope Ascent tests childrens climbing skills, upper body strength and agili..
Double Bars
Parallel bard are a fun excercise for children to use during PE lessons or playtime. ..
Burma Bridge
Burma Bridge is an ideal addition to your play area. The bridge has a rope walkway, lower walking ro..
Rock n Roll Bridge
As the children cross the clatter bridge it sways gently underfoot giving the children the excitemen..
Timber Gate Climber
Timber climbing wall 1.8m high with 5 ladders for children to climb up on side and over the other. A..
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