Outdoor Fitness

Outdoor Fitness Equipment is a fun way to exercise outdoors, ideal for school play areas and recreational areas. All equipment has been designed to exercise specific muscle groups and develop strength and stamina as well as increasing cardio vascular exercise. 

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Arm and Pedal Bicycle
Arm and Pedal Bicycles are a great way to increase  cardio vascular exercise and a good wa..
Children's Double Sit Up Bench
This Outdoor gym equipment is suitable for all ages, especially primary school children and upwards...
Children's Double Strength Challenger
This outdoor fitness equipment is very popular with children who enjoy outdoor play.The outdoor spor..
Children's Health Walker
This  single vesion of the Double Health Walker. Increases joint mobility and leg strength.&nbs..
Children's Leg Stretcher
A smaller version of the Adult fitness equipment. This outdoor exercise equipment is ideal to help k..
Children's Sky Stepper
This fitness equipment is a great cardiovascular workout, and is similar to gym cross trai..
Children's Tai Chi Discs
Children can play together, using their imagination and devloping coordernation and  movement o..
Children's Waist Twister
Childrens Double Health Walker
Childrens Double Slalom Skier
Childrens Horse Rider
Combi Pull Down Challenger & Power Push
Double Health Walker
Double Power Push
Double Pull Up
Double Rower
Double Sit Up Bench
Double Slalom Skier
Double Squat Push
Double Strength Challenger
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