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Outdoor Classroom and Playground Games

Playground designs and markings have been around for a very long time and during that period there have been some dramatic changes not only in the physical appearance of the playground, but also in the social behaviour of children in general. Today children are less likely to enjoy physical activity with the wide spread popularity of computer games and social medium taking more and more of their recreational time. At first4playgrounds we believe that given a fun and colourful play environment they will be encouraged to become more physically active and consequently improving their wellbeing.

Today’s playgrounds have to be more about the development of the children in the school rather than just an area of play.  The term “Outdoor Classroom” is now widely used in order to compliment the work of the teachers with the natural environment that is the schoolyard and playing fields.

At first4playgrounds we have installed hundreds of different playground markings to schools and local authorities throughout the United Kingdom. These playground games can be used as teaching aids for use in the outdoor classroom playground as well as during play times and break times where the children use their imagination to make up their own games. The following pictures of a selection of the markings we have installed:


The 1-10 Dinosaur is a colourful and exciting addition to any nursery or indant school. Th e children cam familiarise the basic numbers and lear to count to 10 while enjoying playing on a large dinosaur.


What's the Time Mr Wolf is another playground game for younger children to play during break times. Take a moment to have a look at our Mr Wolf Explained blog to understand the rules of the game.


Th Alphabet Snail is also a popular playground graphic that teaches infant and nursery school children the letters of the alphabet whilst playing in the outdoor classroom.


Another fun marking for nursery and infants school children to learn the letters of the alphabet whilst playing. The children can run up and down the back of the dragon whilst saying the letters of the alphabet.


Another great thermoplastic playground graphic used as a early learning teaching aid for learning the aphabet is the a-z snake. This bright and colourful snake is 8m in length and is idea for smaller children to play games whilst learning the alphabet.


Alphabet Shapes is another way to teach young children the alphabet whilst learning colour and shape recognition at the same time. This game is also popular at Special Educational Needs School where the shapes can be spread out on the play area to encourage children to search for each letter.


Playground Sunflower HopscotchThe Sunflower Hopscotch is one of our most popular hopscotch games for younger nursery and infants school children.


The traditional game of hopscotch to be used by three players at the same time.


For many young children learning to tell the time is a difficult concept. With the use of our 3m diameter playground clock children can use chalk to mark the time and learn in a fun and exciting environment whilst playing in the outdoor classroom.


Playground Counting CaterpillarsAs the children progress they require more challenging and interesting playground markings and graphice to help develop their numeracy and literacy skills. The Counting Caterpillars is Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 game designed for teachers and children to interact in the outdoor classroom. The game is played by the teacher calling out a sum and the children have to jump from the numbers called out to answer the sum whilst standing in the answer box.

Alphabet dragons and snakes are a bright and exciting way to introduce letter recognition and alphabet learning to ks1 nursey and primary school children. The children can hop, skip and jump on the letters whilst developing their literacy skills at playtime.

Playground compasses introduce children to the concept of direction, bearings, north and south poles and how compasses work. Our colourful world and Line compasses are ideal for Key Stage 1 and upwards and can be used as a teaching aid for primary school outdoor geography learning.



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