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East Lane Primary School’s Key Word Selection of Playground Markings

Key Word Markings at East Lane Primary School

first4playgrounds installation team just completed a range of Key Word Thermoplastic Markings at East Lane Primary School in Wembley.

Key Words

These Key Words were specially chosen by members of staff at East Lane Primary. The teachers felt these words most valuable and have been playing games on them since.

Key Words

At first4playgrounds we can make shapes with any key words or numbers.

The teachers at East Lane made a game up themselves for these markings.

Key Words

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Thermoplastic Playground Markings in Scotland by first4playgrounds

Scotland Markings by first4playgrounds

first4playgrounds installation team recently completed a range of Thermoplastic Playground Markings in Scotland.

1-10 Snake

Firstly our team installed this 1-10 Snake. This is a great addition to any primary school play area as it teaches the young learners simple numeracy in a fun environment, it also looks great and really brightens up the yard.


Next our team installed this classic Hopscotch. This is also a great marking for younger students learning numeracy and is one of our most popular markings, the children love it!!

Jump Lines

Next our team installed these jump lines. This is a great way to get kids active.

Kart Track

Kart Track

Next the team installed this Kart Track. This is used for Karts and Scooters. As you can see here they can be designed to fit any play area, with even the littlest amount of space.

Lastsly the team installed this Grid.

Grid in Scotland

This style of  Grid has many uses for P.E teachers.

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