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Playground Markings in North Lanarkshire

Playground Markings

first4playgrounds installation team recently completed a range of thermoplastic playground markings at a primary school in Shottskirk in North Lanarkshire.

skip circle, shotts-salsbrugh

Skip Circle

The first of these markings was a skip circle, where children stand inside the circle and use a skipping rope. Therefore this is a great game for keeping the children fit.

mirror me shotts-salsbrugh

Dance class

Next a dance class. In this colourful marking a teacher stands on the centre most circle and places their right or left foot onto specific coloured circles and the children have to mimic the teachers footsteps exactly.

Finally we completed this football/netball pitch with the steel goals.

football goal end shotts-sasbrugh

Football/Netball Pitch

football goal end, shotts-salsbrugh

Netball/Football Pitch

football pitch shotts salsbrugh

Football/Netball Pitch

Due to the teachers and parents reactions we think is a very good addition to any school play area. It is one of our most commonly installed products.

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20m Sprint in Glasgow

20m Olympic Sprint

first4playgrounds installation team recently completed a 20m Olympic Sprint with a solar powered timer.

20m sprint shotts-salsbrugh

20m Olympic Sprint Glasgow

This is a 20m sprint track with a start and finish line, four lanes, and a timer running from a battery powered from a 10x10cm solar panel on the front of the timer.