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Thermoplastic Playground Markings at Lindhead Primary School in Scarborough

Thermoplastic Playground Markings

Just last week first4playground installation team completed a range of thermoplastic playground markings in Scarborough at Lindhead Primary school.

Sunflower Hopscotch lindhead primary school

Sunflower Hopscotch at Lindhead Primary

The first of these markings were two parallel sunflower hopscotches. The sunflower hopscotch is a bright, colourful and fun twist off our classic hopscotch playground marking.

Sunflower Hopscotch, Lindhead primary School

Sunflower Hopscotch at Lindhead Primary

Next the team installed a 1-100 grid with each row in a different colour, these type of grids are more colourful than our classic grids and can be used to actively help children to learn numeracy.

1-100 line grid, Lindhead Primary School

1-100 Line Grid at Lindhead Primary

Then we completed a 1-20 Ladder.

1-20 ladder, Lindhead Primary school

1-20 Ladder (Solid) at Lindhead Primary

Finally was our Piggy in the Middle clock game.

Piggy in the middle clock, Lindhead primary

Piggy in the Middle Clock at Lindhead Primary

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Playground Equipment and Playground Markings at Hillcrest Primary School in Cramlington

Playground Markings

first4playgrounds have recently installed a range of playground equipment and thermoplastic playground markings at Hillcrest Primary School in Cramlington. We began the installation with the thermoplastic playground markings, the first of which was a buddy friendship stop. This marking allows children who have not got a friend to make one by waiting at the ‘buddy stop’.


Buddy Freindship Stop

Secondly we installed a classic hopscotch



Next a 1-100 grid.


1-100 Number Grid

Then a netball court.


Netball Court

The team then installed this complete basketball/football goal end from scratch, with the surrounding fence with it and the playground markings for football and basketball goal ends.


Basketball/Football Goal End


Basketball-Football Goal End

Playground Equipment


6m Playnet

Our team then started on the playground equipment, this 6m planet is a new product of ours and is a great addition to any school play area.


6m Playnet


6m Playnet


Playground Markings, Hillcrest Primary


Playground Markings, Hillcrest Primary


Double swing with cradle

Lastly our team installed this double swing with basket/cradle swing.


Double swing with cradle


Basket swing


Double swing with cradle


6m Playnet


Basketball court


6m Playnet Ropes

Overall a great installation that the school were not only very happy with the work that had been done, but impressed with the quality, care and ability that the installation team showed to their work and to the school staff.

Thermoplastic Playground Markings at Hetton Primary School

Playground Markings

first4playgrounds installation team recently installed a range of playground markings in Hetton near Sunderland.

Rocket Hopscotch; Hetton Primary school

Rocket hopscotch in Hetton Primary School

The first of these was a rocket hopscotch, this is a fantastic twist on our classic hopscotch game.

Secondly we installed a cog hopscotch.

Cog Hopscotch ; Hetton Primary School

Cog hopscotch

This is a very recent addition to our stock, another twist off from our classic hopscotch game.

2m Training Grids; Hetton Primary School

Training squares

Next the team installed three training squares. These can be used for numerous different games in P.E.

Adventre Trail; Hetton Primary

Activity trail


Adventre Trail ; Hetton Primary School

Activity trail

Lastly the team installed and activity trail. These bright colourful thermoplastic playground markings where exactly what the school board was looking for.