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Sports Court line markings for MUGA’s around the UK

Sports Court

One of our most popular line markings installed by first4playgrounds is the sports court line markings for MUGA’s (Multi Use Games Areas).  The markings are for football, basketball, netball and tennis.  These are some of the installations we have recently completed:


Birmingham, MUGA with football and basketball line markings


North East, MUGA with football and basketball line markings


Nottingham, MUGA with football and basketball line markings


Dover, MUGA with football and basketball line markings


New Thermoplastic Playground Marking Products from New Stock

New Stock

first4playgrounds have just released two new numeracy and literacy playground marking products to our stock. The Alphabet Tree and the Counting Ladybirds.


Alphabet Tree

The Alphabet Tree is a great game for young children learning the alphabet. It can be used to teach young children the alphabet in order, to spell words or just for children to play, learning as they do so.


New Counting Ladybirds

The Counting ladybirds are a brilliant numeracy product. They are used for simple addition and subtraction using the counters for teaching younger children, and division and multiplication to teach the elder years.


Counting Ladybirds

These products are available for installation or for purchase call 07894016765 to reach our office. Visit website for more details.


first4playgrounds Trim Trails in Hartlepool at Eldon Grove Academy

Trim Trails

first4playgrounds construction team just installed a range of Trim Trails for Eldon Grove Academy in Hartlepool. A trim trail is a range of different equipment that makes up an obstacle course for the children.


Ascending Balance Beam at Eldon Grove Academy in Hartlepool

The playground tarmac is cut, then the holes are dug to the depth that suits each piece of timber.


Burma Bridge at Eldon Grove Academy in Hartlepool

Once apparatus is then fabricated it is placed into the holes.


Overground tunnel at Eldon Grove Academy in Hartlepool

After this additional pieces are added e.g. ropes etc


Black Wetpour on tarmac at Eldon Grove Academy in Hartlepool

We add two layers of wetpour. Using wetpour playground surfacing reduces the chance of injuries in the playground.

Useing EPDM rubber crumbs combined with a polyurethane binder creates a bonded wetpour rubber surface. This formula is installed directly into playgrounds. Mixing, pouring, levelling, screeding and rolling, allows to install the surfacing in a variety of depths.

Football/Basketball Goal Ends and Transparent Climbing Wall in Hartlepool, England

Transparent climbing walls

first4playgrounds installation team recently completed two goal ends and a transparent climbing wall in Hartlepool England.

By Making this climbing wall transparent teachers can always keep an eye on the children. Therefore climbing children can be monitored for safety reasons.


Climbing Wall Eldon Grove Primary School, Hartlepool


Hartlepool Climbing wall


Climbing Wall Hartlepool

Goal Ends


Basketball/Football Goal End, Hartlepool

Our team also installed two goal ends, with basketball hoops, and cricket stumps.


Basketball/Football Goal End, Hartlepool

Top Review for Playground Markings in Northumberland

Playground Markings

Playground Markings review for first4playgrounds

Playground Markings review for first4playgrounds

One of our most uniquely satisfying and successful installations of 2016. We carried the job out at Stake-ford Primary School in Northumberland.  We did the installation during the summer holidays. The weather was dry and warm with no wind, and the tarmac was perfect!

Jacqueline Rowell (The chair of the Governors) instructed first4playgrounds to do the work  and emailed us personally saying,

“I just want to say a massive thank you for the work that has been completed at Stakeford Primary School. The customer service we have received has been outstanding from the start to the finish and the work has been done to a really high standard. The children love the new markings. We will certainly be using your company again.”

This is just an example of the many schools satisfied to this level with the work we have completed here at first4playgrounds.

Jacqueline Rowell

Chair of Governors