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Playground Markings Clydebank, Scotland

Playground Markings Scotland

first4playgrounds recently installed a substanstial amount of markings in Clydebank in Scotland.


A 1-100 grid

A 1-100 grid for games like snakes and ladders.



A-Z Dragon

A colourful A-Z dragon


Calculating Caterpillars

Our Counting Caterpillar game is great for mental maths.


Line Compass

A line compass pointing directly north so the children can learn orientation.


Co-ordinate Grid

This product is an excellent multi purpose item as it can be used to play a variety of games for example battleships, chess and draughts and also can be used along side geography lessons to encourage the skills required in map reading. Encouraging children to interact with one another through game play and assist thier friends in providing accurate coordinates.



Find your way though the maze!

Playground Markings in Glasgow

Playground Markings in Glasgow

first4playgrounds installation team really completed some playground markings in Glasgow.


Star target throw

Firstly crafting a Star Target throwing game.


Mirror me

Then a Mirror me. A two player game where one child steps on a colour with either their right or left foot and the other has to copy and vice versa.


Alphabet spiral

Next we installed an Alphabet Spiral. Great to help the children remember the alphabet and get some exercise.


Dance class

Finally a Dance class. This game is very similar to the mirror me games but involves five children copying and the centre circle is where a teacher stands leading.

Playground Markings Drumoak Primary School, Scotland

Playground Markings

first4playgrounds recently installed various playground markings in Drumoak Primary school in Scotland.


Sharks on an activity trail

Balance on the line and avoid the sharks!


Walk a mile

Walk a mile is a trail around the yard, the amount of laps needed adds up to exactly a mile. This is a great way to keep children fit and healthy.


Standing long jump

The standing long jump is an excellent and colourful way for the children to experiment potentially unseen skills.


Walk a mile

Playground Markings, Edinburgh

Playground Markings in Edinburgh

Just last month first4playgrounds installed a range of markings just outside of Edinburgh centre.


Positives and Negatives

The Team firstly installed a 10 to -10 to help children with positive and negative numbers.


World map

Next the team installed a world map so the can children can learn the different continents. This is a great Marking for Geography Teachers!


Start of Adventure Track 

Finally the team installed an adventure trail with a fitted solar powered stop watch. The stop watch works as normal but is powered by a 10×10 cm solar panel situated on the front of the timer.

Multi Use Games Area (MUGA), Nottingham

Muti Use Games Area (MUGA) in Nottingham

A short while ago first4playgrounds crafted a Multi Court (Basketball and Netball) in Nottingham.



The Nottingham city council asked us to install the Multi court onto a work in progress Multi Use Games Area (MUGA).



This looked brilliant as you can see and can be used for not only children to play but 5 a-side football teams and for winter training, not only for football but basketball and netball teams.



Below you can see the dynamics of the Basketball court drawn up by our architect.


Basketball court drawing

Playground Markings in Harrogate, Yorkshire

Playground Markings in Harrogate, Yorkshire

first4playgrounds recently installed some colourful markings in Harrogate Yorkshire. These included a short Five Lane Olympic Sprint Track, a Line compass, a Circular Maze, an Activity Trail, a Standing Long Jump and a Solar System.


Wide view photo, Yorkshire


Activity Trail and solar system, Yorkshire

You can see from the photos displayed the markings were installed onto brick work and not tarmac (our usual line of work). This meant our team had to prime the ground. Priming the ground means first applying a resin bonding agent to the ground. This means we can install markings onto concrete, not just tarmac.


Line compass, Yorkshire

A line compass, pointing exactly to north. Manipulated to work as an actual compass.

Playground Markings in Barnsely, Yorkshire

Playground Markings in Barnsley

first4playgrounds recently installed a range of playground markings in Barnsley, Yorkshire at the beginning of August. Our team firstly installed a Multi-court consisting of a netball and basketball court. The two courts have been crafted using two different colours to provide a clear definition between each court. This is a great technique for schools who are in need of more than one court but do not have enough tarmac space in there grounds.



Playground Multi-court, Barnsley


Playground Dartboard

Secondly, we installed an exact replica of a dartboard so the children can have fun trying to hit the bullseye! This is also a great game to practice quick mental maths as the children have to double and triple their point scores frequently.


Counting Caterpillar

Lastly a Counting Caterpillar was put into place for the younger children to practice there 1-25 counting skills, and to get some exercise in doing so.