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Short Tennis Courts for Primary Schools

Short Tennis

Following the success of the Great Britain tennis team lead by Number One Andy Murray in the Davis Cup in Belgium, first4playgrounds have a special offer on school playground short tennis courts Normally the fully installed 10m x 5m mini tennis courts retails at £175.00 per court but is now reduced to £150.00 per court in order to help encourage the sport in primary schools.

Short Tennis Court for Primary School

Three courts within a standard netball court at Wold Newton Primary School, Oxfordshire

Short Tennis Court

Two courts joined together

North East coach Mike Thorpe commented, “short tennis courts in school playgrounds are are an exciting addition to any playground, allowing children to learn to play tennis relatively inexpensively either in PE lessons or by structured coaching from professional coaches.”

Playground Short Tennis

 Single Court at Walton First School In Northumberland

The courts can be any colour from red, orange, yellow, blue, green, purple and traditionally white. Please contact us on 0191 477 8900 or email for a school visit or quotation.


Blank Playground Grids

Blank playground Grids

first4playgrounds supply and install blank 10 x 10 playground Line Grids onto school playgrounds using pre-formed thermoplastic markings.

10x10 Grid Yellow Red

10×10 Grid. Yellow lines with a red boundary

10x10 Grid Blue

10×10 Grid Blue

The grids can be any size as required by the school, our most popular is 5m x 5m which allows ample space for children to write in the boxes with chalk, although 4m x 4m is also often specified where there is less space on the play area.

10x10 Grid Yellow Blue

10×10 grid with yellow lines and a blue boundary

These are designed from any coloured lines including white, blue, red, yellow, orange, green and purple.


10 x 10 Grid. Yellow with white outline

10 x 10 Grid. Yellow with white outline

For a standard 10 x 10 Line Grid 5m x 5m the installed price is £395.00 plus VAT.

Orange 8 x 8 Grid

Orange 8 x 8 Grid

We can also design as different combinations of squares, this one in orange is 8 x 8 and is 4m x 4m.

Sports Court Markings for Primary School Playgrounds

Sports Courts

first4playgrounds install Thermoplastic sports courts to schools and local authorities throughout the UK. Our sports markings include a Sports Multi-court with netball, basketball and football and can be chosen from white, yellow, green, red, orange, purple and blue.

Sports Multicourt

Basketball and football

Netball & Short Tennis Courts

Netball & Short Tennis Court

A standard Netball Court measuring 30m x 15m can fit three Short Tennis Courts inside measuring 10m x 5m.

Netball, Basketball & Short Tennis Courts

Netball, Basketball & Short Tennis Court

Mini Football Pitch

Mini Football Pitch with Goal Ends

At first4playgrounds we can install any size bespoke playground sports markings to fit your individual play area. We installed these markings to make a football pitch between two goal ends. The School installed this five years earlier with painted lines that had completely worn away.

Mini Football with Goals

Mini Football with goals

Playground Marking Compass’


The playground compass’ are one of our most popular markings. We supply and install different designs and sizes which are a great educational tool and an exciting addition to any school playground. We offer a wide range of compasses including Line compass, Rose Compass World Compass and Smiley Face Clock Compass. Children can play whilst developing an understanding of direction. Please visit our website for more details at  All our compasses are installed pointing North and are a great addition to our UK Map and World Map which can also be installed pointing north.

Rose Compass

first4playgrounds can design and install your own bespoke compass to your colour and individual design requirements. These are some of the compasses we have installed throughout the UK in the last four years:

4 Point Rose Compass

4 Point Rose Compass

World Compass

World Compass

World Comass

World Compass

Smiley Face Clock Compass

Smiley Face Clock Compass

4 Point Compass

4 Point Compass

16 Point Compass

16 Point Compass

Key Stage 2 World Map at St Mary’s Primary School, Bristol

Key Stage 2 World Maps

As part of the new geography curriculum St Mary’s Primary School in Bristol instructed first4playgrounds to install a world map with continents on their playground. The map also include the names of the oceans, the equator, the tropic of cancer and the line of the greenwich meridian. The also wanted a line compass pointing north.

World map St Marys Bristol

KS2 World Map at St Mary’s Primary school in Bristol




Great review for playground markings in Peterborough

Playground Markings in Peterborough

first4playgrounds have just completed an installation of playground markings at Alderman Jacobs Primary School in Whittlesey near Peterborough. The markings included a 1-25 Spiral, an Alphabet Caterpillar, a 1 to 36 Snakes & Ladders Game and a Rocket Hopscotch. We also installed a bespoke school logo, located outside the main entrance to the school.


School logo and markings at Alderman Jacobs Primary School in Peterborough

School logo and markings at Alderman Jacobs Primary School in Peterborough

Schoolteacher Hayley Craddock commented:

“The playground markings are excellent. We are really impressed with the quality and the way they look. They have made our dull playground so much brighter. The school logo is very impressive and is a really good visual point for all parents, children and visitors that come into school.

The early years and year 1,2 children have been enjoying using the markings at lunchtime and playtimes. They are disappointed they cannot go out to play today due to heavy rain.”

1-25 Spiral in Peterborough

1-25 Spiral playground Markings at Alderman Jacobs Primary School in Whittlesey, Peterborough

Check out our Case Studies page for more comments and testimonials.


Three Different Hopscotch Styles

Roman Hopscotch

first4playgrounds have just added a new hopscotch design to their range of traditional games. The Roman Hopscotch teaches children to count in Roman Numerals. In accordance with the new maths curriculum. The roman hopscotch is an exciting and colourful game that familiarises the roman numbers to your children. The installed price for the Roman Hopscotch id £150.00 plus VAT. Please contact us for your free playground survey, design and quotation. Call 0191477 8900.


Traditional Hopscotch, Roman Numeral Hopscotch, Line Hopscotch


Anti-slip Step Edging for school in Consett, County Durham

School step edging

Thermoplastic Anti-slip Step Edging

first4playgrounds have just finished an installation of thermoplastic playground sports court markings at Delves Lane Primary School in Consett, County Durham. As an extra item we also installed thermoplastic anti-slip step edging to all the steps to and around the school.

Step nosing marking

Bright and colourful step nosing in thermoplastic

The steps were previously painted using masonry floor paint which when wet can be slippery and has a very short lifespan of about one year. The thermoplastic should last a minimum of five years if installed correctly.

Thermoplastic anti slip nosing

Step nosing with yellow thermoplastic markings

As the surface was concrete a resin bond primer had to be applied prior to the installation of the thermoplastic lines. This ensures that there will be a suitable bond between the concrete surface and the new thermoplastic.

Anti-slip step edging

Steps with yellow thermoplastic nosing.

The thermoplastic markings are not only durable and hard waring but help the visually impaired identify steps as well as haven anti-slip properties.

Disabled ramp edge marking

Disabled ramp with thermoplastic demarkation lines in yellow

We also installed a No Parking bay to prevent staff from parking in certain areas.

No Parking Area in school carpark

No Parking Area hatched in yellow