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Play Equipment for Special Education Needs School

Trim trail with Orbitor climbing frame

first4playgrounds have just completed the installation of a Trim Trail and Orbitor climbing frame at Hillcrest School in Cramlington, Northumberland.

The trim trail consisted of a log frame, scramble net, rope weaver, twin balance beams, Burma bridge and log stilts. The area was also covered with grass matting.

Trim Trail Scramble Net

Trim trail scramble net and log frame

Trim Trail Burma Bridge

Burma bridge with log stilts balance beam and rope weaver

Playground Markings English Martyrs Primary School Sunderland


a-z Caterpillar and 1-25 Dragon

first4playgrounds have recently completed another installation of pre-formed thermoplastic playground markings at English Martyrs Primary School in Sunderland.  There were two separate playgrounds where the work was carried out, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. Key stage 1 had a a-z Caterpillar, a 1-25 Dragon, and Activity Trail and a Rocket Hopscotch.



Playground Netball Court and Dance Class Moves in thermoplastic at Englich Martyrs Primary School in Sunderland.

On the KS2 playground we installed a Netball Court, Dance Class Moves, a Maths Maze, a 1-36 Snakes and Ladders and a Bullseye Target.


Maths Maze being installed in Sunderland


Playground Markings Bullseye Target


Dance Class Moves


Snakes & Ladders