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Relining old playground markings with thermoplastic new markings

At first4playgrounds we are constantly asked the question, “can you put thermoplastic playground markings onto of existing paint or old thermoplastic markings?” 

The answer to this is Yes in 95% of cases, as long as the existing tarmac is in reasonable condition there should be no problem going over the top of the markings. Previously many school and Local Authorities have adopted the principle of painting sports court marking onto tarmac, only to find that after as little as 6 months they are in need of another application. Thermoplastic are on average twice as expensive as paint to install but will last up to 10 times longer, so are a much more economical option in the long term.

Theses are two examples where first4playgrounds have gone over existing painted markings with thermoplastic, the results are stunning!


Thermoplastic markings over painted markings – Number Snake


Relining painted playground hopscotch with thermoplastic markings


Playground Markings Durham


first4playgrounds have just completed a thermoplastic marking installation at St Patricks Primary School in County Durham. There were 2 playgrounds covered by the playground graphics, the infants playground at the front of the school and the Key Stage 2 play area at the rear.

In the icy North East of England December weather our installation team battled the elements to complete the work. The infants yard markings included a 1 to 64 Snakes and Ladders game which looked fantastic on the new tarmac! We also provided a Dance Moves activity game, a Rocket Hopscotch and a bespoke bike track with individual parking bays, a petrol pump and a zebra crossing.

In the Key Stage 2 playground we installed a 1-64 snakes and ladders with larger 400mm x 400mm squares, a football pitch and 2 large hopscotch games.

The Headmistress Mrs Burnside was very pleased with the markings she thanked all the workmen when the job was finished saying, “the children have been so please with markings. I looked on the cctv camera and could see them playing on them all day. Thank you very much.”

Playground Markings on Poor Quality Tarmac

At first4playgrounds we are occasionally asked if we can install our colourful thermoplastic playground markings on poor quality tarmac. This is possible to be done if there are not too many large cracks in the tarmac area.

No 1 - Poor Tarmac for Playground Markings

Stage 1 The first thing that need to be done is for any loose material to be brushed off leaving the bare tarmac surface.

No 2 - Brush loose gravel from tarmac

Stage 2 The tarmac area should be thoroughly dried using a burner.

No 3 -Drying Tarmac

Stage 3 Any mud or moss should be removed using a wire brush. If this exposes any further moisture then the area should be dried once again.

Stage 4 The area where the thermoplastic markings are to be installed should be primed using a specialist primer compound. The primer is left to dry prior to any further work being carried out.

No 4 -Prime tarmac

Stage 5 The final stage is for the thermoplastic markings to be laid onto the tarmac and heated until it is adhered to the surface. We recommend that the plastic are heated well to ensure they do not lift in the future.

No 5 - Burn Thermoplastics onto Ground


If the above procedure is correctly carried out the markings should look great and last between 5 and 10 years depending on the surface of the tarmac.

Playground Markings Northumberland


Playground markings installed at Bedlington Whitley Memorial Primary School in Northumberland

first4playgrounds have just completed another installation of thermoplastic playground markings at Bedlington Whitely Memorial Primary School, Northumberland. The markings in the Junior School Playground consisted of a bespoke netball court with a short tennis court in the middle, a co-ordinate grid and a line compass pointing North. In the Nursery playground we installed a bike track with trees, zebra crossing, stop sign and a pair of traffic lights. There was also a a-z line snake, a line hopscotch and a bullseye target.

Playground Markings Aberdeenshire

Before and After installation of 1-100 Line Number Grid

Before and After installation of 1-100 Line Number Grid

first4playgrounds have just completed an installation at Auchanagatt Primary School in Aberdeenshire. Despite freezing temperatures and wet tarmac the installation was completed in early December 2014. The 1-100 Number Line Grid was an addition to playground markings installed 5 years earlier. Our installation team would like to thank Mrs Thompson the school cleaner for providing the workmen with much appreciated hot food. Thank you.