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Playground Markings Sunderland


first4playgrounds have just completed another installation at St John Bosco Primary School in Sunderland. The markings included a 3 Way Hopscotch in the centre of the play area with a Clock a Compass and an a-z Snake. The installation was carried out on the newly laid tarmac which showed the vibrant colours

As well as the thermoplastic playground markings first4playgrounds also installed a storytelling chair and 6 kidney benches. Although the benches were situated on a slope this gave the area an interesting feel with the children sitting at different levels whilst listening to their story.


Playground Markings World Maps & UK Maps

first4playgrounds have recently installed a colourful  thermoplastic World Map showing the  continents and main oceans, and a UK map at Brownsover Community Primary School in Rugby, the West Midlands.
The location of the town the school was located in was marked on the map, giving the children a good sense of their global geography. The school was very pleased with their new playground markings and the playground maps will be a valuable teaching aid, helping the children learn geography  in an exciting and interesting way.
Playground World map with Continents
Ofstead has recommended that primary  schools focus on teaching geography from a  younger age and a recent study has shown that  children with a good knowlege of Geography in Key Stage 2 and upwards were more likely to choose Geography as a GCSE subject and  achieve better GCSE grades as a result.

The Ofstead report “learning to make a  world of difference “  highlighted the benefits of children learning geography. Chief inspector Christine Gilbert said in the report

“Where geography was flourishing students had a strong understanding of place. They also cared about their environment and had an awareness of social, political, economic and environmental issues”.
playground markings maps
You can see our range  of playground maps and compasses on our website.

Playground Markings – Welburn Hall Community Special School, North Yorkshire

first4playgrounds are delighted that the children and teachers at Welburn Hall Community Special School in North Yorkshire  are enjoying their new playground markings  so much.

We installed a Rocket Hospcotch, What’s the time Mr Wolf? game, a 1-25 Crocodile and an a-z Snake leading from the classroom door into the playground. We also installed a colourful rainbow and Sunflower Hopscotch the sensory garden area.

We really enjoyed working at the school and were very impressed with the happy polite  children and how they looked after us all day, making sure we had tea and cakes throughout the job. We would like to thank them all and were very pleased that the  children were so happy and excited  when they saw the completed playground markings.

playground markings -Welburn-Hall

We would also like to thank Head teacher Mrs Hazel Smith for writing  us such a lovely reference, you can find a full account of our time at Welburn Hall on our case studies page on our website.

Mrs Smith wrote,

“Many thanks for the professional, efficient and speedy way that you and your team carried out the playground markings here at Welburn Hall School. The pupils are really pleased with the end result and could not wait to play on them. Every time I come past the playground all of the games are in use and the children are having great fun”.

“Thank you for taking the time to explain to our very interested pupils what you were doing and how it would work. For our class 3 who are looking at Materials Changing in Science it was a brilliant learning opportunity! The work was carried out to a high standard by pleasant and affable workmen, I would not hesitate to recommend your company to colleagues or to invite you back to Welburn Hall to create more play opportunities. Thank you again.”

We also have more information on our website showing our full range of playground markings, sports court markings and games including playground marking snakes , Rocket Hopscotch,  Whats the time Mr wolf .

Playground Markings installed in Newcastle Special School

first4playgrounds have just completed another thermoplastic marking installation at Woodlawn Special School in North Tyneside.

The markings included an large activity trail and an extra large hopscotch using 600mm x 600mm squares to accommodate older children and wheelchair users.

playground markings -activity trail- hopscotch-woodlawn-school - newcastle

Playground markings Hopscotch, Activity trail

Playground markings Hopscotch, Activity trail

A road track was designed for the younger children to use with their bikes, scooters and wheelchairs with different symbols and road markings around the track.

The road track is a valuable educational tool ideal for teaching children road safety and is so important for children to learn from a young age.  The playground markings can help teaching the children road awareness and safety without the dangers of real roads and traffic.

Playground markings Cycle track  installed at Woodlawn school Newcastle.

Playground markings Cycle track installed at Woodlawn school Newcastle.

playgroud-markings-cycle- track -road -signs -and -markings

Playground markings Roundabout , Zebra crossings, Stop sign, Parking bays.

Playground markings cars

Playground markings cars