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Playground Markings Scotland

Thermoplastic Playground Markings Scotland

Standing Long Jump & Twister game

first4playgrounds have just completed their first thermoplastic playground graphic installation at Our Lady Saint Francis Primary School in Motherwell, Scotland.

The installation was completed on referendum day and the school was also being used as a polling station for voting.

The installation was carried out on different areas with varying standards of tarmac, form newly laid tarmac to old uneven surfaces, all of which proved testing for our installation team.

In the Key Stage 2 playground we installed a Football Pitch, an Activity Trail, Dance Moves Circles and a Zig Zag fitness track.

To the rear of the school in the Key Stage 1 play area we installed a Rocket Hopscotch, a Target Throw, a Standing Long Jump and Twister game.

Thermoplastic Playground Markings Scotland

Rocket Hopscotch & Target Throw

Playground Markings Scotland

Dance Moves, 1-64 Snakes & Ladders and Football Pitch

Playground Markings – Autumn Offer

first4playgrounds have designed a new range of playground games to make science and maths
more interesting.
Our new markings include fraction boxes, the solar system and large maps of the UK and Great Britain.
Using the best quality thermoplastics we supply and install a wide range of markings and graphics and provide a full playground design and quotation free of charge.
All prices include installation.

Playground Markings – Playground Equipment

first4playgrounds are now supplying and installing playground equipment. We have recently installed playground Mini Goals and matching football playground  markings made from high quality thermoplastics at St Mary’s Roman Catholic Primary School in Forest Hall, Newcastle upon Tyne. The goals and markings are in the colour blue  to match St Mary’s school colours.

Fully installed goal ends retail at £3250 excl vat  per pair.

Football Mini Goal Ends

Mini Goal Ends fully installed for £3,250 at St Mary’s RC Primary School in Newcastle upon Tyne


Please contact us  for more details on our other playground equipment products  and multi use games areas (MUGA) that we have available.


Mini Goal ends installed at St Mary’s Forest Hall, Newcastle L2.79m x W0.91m x H1.14m

Playground Markings Leeds

Playground Markings Leeds

Playground Markings installed at St Michael’s Church of England Primary School In Wakefield, Leeds

first4playgrounds have just completed another job installing playground markings at St Michael’s Church of England Primary School in Wakefield, Leeds, Yorkshire.

This was the first time first4playgrounds had installed markings onto newly sprayed acrylic tarmac paint. Although the tarmac surface was in reasonable condition the colour had faded and was beginning to look dull. Headteacher Mr Faz Islam wanted to completely rejuvenate the whole playground prior to the children returning to school after their summer holiday and was very impress when he saw the results.

The new markings looked fantastic against the black acrylic paint and brightened the whole school playground. The markings included a netball court, adventure trail, a maze, a world compass pointing north and a 75m bicycle track with roundabout and zebra crossing.

Playground Markings Leeds

Thermoplastic playground markings World Compass and part of the 75m bike track





Playground Markings Solar System

Playground Marking Solar System

Playground Marking Solar System

The children have now returned back to school after their summer holidays and are hopefully ready the begin the new term both mentally and physically refreshed.

With the introduction of the new curriculum science will shift towards a stronger sense of hard facts and “scientific knowledge”. In primary schools there will be new content on the solar system, speed and evolution.

first4playgrounds are please to announce our new Solar System playground makings. The markings show the sun, all the planets and the moon. The names of each planet is positioned underneath each individual planet. The markings retail at £495.00 fully installed excluding VAT.





Playground Markings Fractions

The new curriculum for maths, introduced by Education Minister Michael Gove will teach younger children maths at a more advanced level than previously before, with a special emphasis on teaching children fractions at 5 years old and teaching multiplication 12 times tables at the age of key stage 2 as 9 year olds. Education Secretary Michael Gove explained,

This curriculum is a foundation for learning the vital advanced skills that universities and businesses desperately need.”

“Mathematics will have more emphasis on arithmetic, fractions and decimals. There will be a new professional development programme for mathematics teachers at key stage 3, which will help them teach fractions more effectively, with robust evaluation of the results.”

first4playgrounds have designed  playground markings  which can support the teaching of the new maths curriculum. The colourful Playground Fractions design is a creative, educational and fun way for schools and teachers to introduce the teaching of fractions for 5 years olds, Key Stage1  and upwards .



first4playgrounds also install single times table ladders and full 12 times table ladders  which are ideal for KS2 learning.