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Playground Games Explained – What’s the Time Mr Wolf?

Stage 1 What's the Time Mr Wolf?

Stage 1

What’s the Time? Mr Wolf is a  game requires a minimum of three players and there is no maximum number. Children of all ages can play this game. The school playground is an ideal location for this game to be played.

One child is chosen to be Mr Wolf and he or she stands on their own top of Mr Wolf’s head facing away from the game. All the other children stand in a line behind the No 1 position on the ladder facing Mr Wolf.



Whats' the Time Mr Wolf? Stage 2


Stage 2

All the children chant Whats the time Mr Wolf?” and Mr Wolf answers any time between 1 o’clock and 12 o’clock. If for example Mr wolf says 3 o’clock all the children step forward 3 paces to ladder number 3.






Whats' the Time Mr Wolf? Stage 3






Stage 3

The children repeat their chant “What’s the time Mr Wolf?” and Mr Wolf who is still facing away from the rest of the children answers again with another time. The children move forward one step of the ladder for each hour, for example if Mr Wolf calls out 10 o’clock they all step forward 7 steps to 10 o’clock.






Whats' the Time Mr Wolf? Stage 4




Stage 4

When Mr Wolf feels that the children are close and they chant “What’s the time Mr Wolf?” he shouts “Dinner Time!”, turns around and runs as fast as he or she can to tag (touch) one of the other children who try to run away.  Whoever is tagged becomes Mr Wolf and the game starts again.


Childhood obesity sparks government to provide new funding for Primary Schools

The World Health Organisation reports that childhood obesity is now regarded as the main global threat challenging the 21st century.

Public Health England provides a wide rang of data relating to childhood health and general wellbeing.

Last year over 1000 children under the age of 10 were admitted to hospitals in the UK as a result of obesity. 1 out of every 3 children between the ages of 2 and 10 are classed as overweight.

These statistics are a frightening indictment of the social problems that are endemic in our country today. Teachers are being encouraged more and more to increase the physical activity of children through sport and PE lessons. The playground is being regarded as an environment where this increase in physical activities can be achieved.

Also, recent Ofstead reports have stated general disappointment in PE lessons in many Primary Schools throughout the UK prompting government bodies to provide new funding that has been specifically ring-fenced to be used for professional development modules or materials for PE and sports.

Playground activities


At first4playgrounds we have already designed and installed playground games and markings to many schools under the new government funding scheme specifically used in sports coaching and PE lessons including markings such as the ones above including the standing long jump, the target throw and the activity trail as well as many others.

Please contact us on 0191 477 8900 or email at and we will be pleased to carry out a free playground evaluation, design and quotation for your school.

Repairing Playground Markings & Lines

Thermoplastic markings should last between 5 and 10 years depending on the condition of the tarmac they are covering.

When these markings and sport court lines become damages and start to break up, either through time or incorrect installation it is possible to remove them and replace with new bright ones.

at first4playgrounds we can remove existing markings by using the following technique:

  • break off any unwanted marking using a hammer & chisel
  • prepare area to be covered with new markings using wire brush
  • make sure area is completely dry using heat burner
  • if surface is in very poor condition a suitable primer should be applied
  • lay new games or court lines
  • burn thermoplastic onto surface

At St Thomas Primary School in Bolton we were instructed to repair some thermoplastic lines to a game where sections of lines had lifted due to poor installation. This is a video of the work carried out:

Physical Literacy and the development of the Outdoor Classroom with Playground Markings

Recently the terms Physical Literacy and Outdoor Classroom have become buzzwords within government and educational departments, but what do they actually mean.

Physical literacy can be considered to be the ability of a child to use a range of basic movement skills in an organised and controlled manner, with the ability to apply them with confidence leading to sustained involvement in sport and physical activity.

These basic skills include skills hopping, jumping, climbing or catching at levels of agility, balance and coordination appropriate to their own personal ability. A child’s general movement confidence will develop as they become more competent in performing these skills.

The idea of using the Outdoor Classroom has evolved over the years with some European countries already including compulsory outdoor learning in all weathers, such as Germany.

Our aim at first4playgrounds is to work with schools to develop their outdoor play areas to be used as additional aids for teaching. Many schools design their playground to have a combination of Numeracy and Literacy markings as well as more active games such as the activity trail which encourages more physical involvement and hence helping to include the physical wellbeing of the child and reduce the risk of obesity. These playgrounds can be split into separate play areas for Key Stage 1 children and Key Stage 2 children or be a combination of both.

New Playground Marking installation complete in Birmingham

700mm diameter discs 1-10 600 x 600mm Hopscotch Birmingham

first4playgrounds have just completed another Playground Marking installation at Chuckery Primary School in Walsall. The playground graphics included a large hopscotch using 600 x 600mm squares with 300mm numbers, a 1 to 10 hopping game using 700mm diameter discs with 300mm numbers, a Target Dartboard and a Target Clown.

The teachers were really pleased with the look of the new markings, especially with the large style squares and circles which would be used by both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 children.

Target DartboardTarget Clown






FREE Playground Markings Spring Offer 2014


At first4playgrounds we are pleased to announce our Spring 2014 Playground Marking Offer.


Spend over £1,000 on any playground graphics and you will receive one of the following markings FREE:


Sunflower Hopscotch (RRP – £195.00)
3D Compass (RRP – £250.00)
1-10 Dragon (RRP – £175.00)


Contact us for your free playground survey, design and quotation.  (Offer ends 31st May 2014)

Playground Improvements to Lemington Riverside Primary School, Newcastle upon Tyne

We recently instructed to design and install a range of playground markings at Lemington Riverside Primary School to improve both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 play areas.


In the Key Stage 1 playground the teachers wanted to improve the children’s literacy and numeracy as well as brightening up a dull grey tarmac. We included a-z Dragon and a Calculating Caterpillar as well as a 30m Activity Trail to encourage the children to be more physically active in the playground. As part of first4playground Spring 2014 offer the school received a Sunflower Hopscotch (Recommended Retail Price – £195) FREE as they spent over £1,000 on playground markings.


In the Key Stage 2 playground the teachers were keen to improve the physical education of the children. The netball and basketball courts were re-lined over the old painted markings and a 4m Target Throw, Standing Long Jump and Skill Snake were installed around the netball court.


The PE staff were really impressed with the new markings and couldn’t wait to use them in their next outdoor lessons.