Thermoplastic Playground Markings at a Primary School in Bulkinington, Coventry

Playground Markings in Bulkington, Coventry

first4playgrounds installation team have just completed a range of Thermoplastic Playground Markings at a Primary School in Bulkington near Coventry.

The first of these playground markings was a fitness trail. The fitness trail includes seven stations. The children run along the trail following each instruction as they come to it. This is a great marking to keep children active and healthy.

Fitness Trail Bulkington

Bulkington Fitness Trail

Fitness Trail Bulkington

Netball Courts Bulkington

Next the team installed two netball courts. These were 15×30 meters.

Netball Courts Bulkington

Roman Hopcotch Bulkington

Then we installed this roman numeral hopscotch. A twist off our classic hopscotch game. This is great for Key stage 2 children learning roman numerals.

Sports Grid Bulkington

Finally this sports court was installed. These area very commonly installed marking as teachers can use them for a veriaty of different games in P.E.

Thermoplastic Playground Markings at Regent Farm Primary in Newcastle Upon Tyne

Playground Markings in Newcastle Upon Tyne

first4playgrounds installation team just recently completed a range of Thermoplastic Playground markings at Regent Farm Primary in Newcastle Upon Tyne. The school were very pleased with the work done and are keen for more markings to be added to their collection.

Mirror Me in Newcastle Upon Tyne

The First of these markings was a Mirror Me. This is a great game and is always loved by the teachers and the children. Mirror me is a two player game. One player stands in one circle and imitates the person standing in the other circle.

Bean Bag Traget in Newcastle Upon Tyne

Next  our team installed this Bean Bag Target throw. This game is pretty self explanatory. The children stand behind the line and throw bean bags attempting to get the highest score.

Bean Bag Target 

1-100 Half Solid Grid  

Lastly the team i installed this 1-100 grid and these 400mm shapes. The children can play Snakes and Ladders and many other games on the 1-100 Grid. The Gird is great for children learning times tables and helps teach numeracy.

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Thermoplastic Playground Markings at a Primary School in London

Playground Markings in London

first4playgrounds have just completed an installation at a Primary School in London. This was a wide range of bright and colourful markings. The work done really excited the teachers and students. They were keen for more markings to be on the playground.

Mirror Me in London

Mirror Me in London

Firstly, the team installed this Mirror Me. The Mirror Me game is played by two children. Each child stands on a pair of feet and copy’s the others colour co-ordinated footsteps.

The Mirror Me is a very Popular addition to many school Playgrounds and it is loved by children and teachers throughout the UK.

Standing Long Jump

Next the team installed this Standing Long Jump. This is a great marking for young children practicing their athletic abilities. Where they can mark, score and compare how far they can jump.

3 Way Hopscotch

Next the team installed this 3 way hopscotch. A twist on our Classic Hopscotch Playground Marking.

Exercise Wheel

Lastly our team installed this Exercise Wheel. This is a new addition to our stock. There are 10 different exercise stations. With a Centre Station

Exercise Wheel


Exercise Wheel

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