Thermoplastic Playground Markings at Lindhead Primary School in Scarborough

Just last week first4playground installation team completed a range of thermoplastic playground markings in Scarborough at Lindhead Primary school.

Sunflower Hopscotch lindhead primary school

Sunflower Hopscotch at Lindhead Primary

The first of these markings were two parallel sunflower hopscotches. The sunflower hopscotch is a bright, colourful and fun twist off our classic hopscotch playground marking.

Sunflower Hopscotch, Lindhead primary School

Sunflower Hopscotch at Lindhead Primary

Next the team installed a 1-100 grid with each row in a different colour, these type of grids are more colourful than our classic grids and can be used to actively help children to learn numeracy.

1-100 line grid, Lindhead Primary School

1-100 Line Grid at Lindhead Primary

Then we completed a 1-20 Ladder.

1-20 ladder, Lindhead Primary school

1-20 Ladder (Solid) at Lindhead Primary

Finally was our Piggy in the Middle clock game.

Piggy in the middle clock, Lindhead primary

Piggy in the Middle Clock at Lindhead Primary

For more information on thermoplastic playground markings visit

Trim Trails and Playground Markings at Hillcrest Primary School in Cramlington

first4playgrounds have recently installed a range of playground equipment and thermoplastic playground markings at Hillcrest Primary School in Cramlington. We began the installation with the thermoplastic playground markings, the first of which was a buddy friendship stop. This marking allows children who have not got a friend to make one by waiting at the ‘buddy stop’.


Buddy Freindship Stop

Secondly we installed a classic hopscotch



Next a 1-100 grid.


1-100 Number Grid

Then a netball court.


Netball Court

The team then installed this complete basketball/football goal end from scratch, with the surrounding fence with it and the playground markings for football and basketball goal ends.


Basketball/Football Goal End


Basketball-Football Goal End


6m Playnet 

Our team then started on the play equipment, this 6m planet is a new product of ours and is a great addition to any school play area.


6m Playnet


6m Playnet


Playground Markings, Hillcrest Primary


Playground Markings, Hillcrest Primary


Double swing with cradle

Lastly our team installed this double swing with basket/cradle swing.


Double swing with cradle


Basket swing


Double swing with cradle


6m Playnet


Basketball court


6m Playnet Ropes

Overall a great installation that the school were not only very happy with the work that had been done, but impressed with the quality, care and ability that the installation team showed to their work and to the school staff.

Thermoplastic Playground Markings at Hetton Primary School

first4playgrounds installation team recently installed a range of playground markings in Hetton near Sunderland.

Rocket Hopscotch; Hetton Primary school

Rocket hopscotch in Hetton Primary School

The first of these markings was a rocket hopscotch, this is a fantastic twist on our classic hopscotch game.

Secondly we installed a cog hopscotch.

Cog Hopscotch ; Hetton Primary School

Cog hopscotch

This is a very recent addition to our stock, another twist off from our classic hopscotch game.

2m Training Grids; Hetton Primary School

Training squares

Next the team installed three training squares. These can be used for numerous different games in P.E.

Adventre Trail; Hetton Primary

Activity trail

Adventre Trail ; Hetton Primary School

Activity trail

Lastly the team installed and activity trail. These bright colourful thermoplastic playground markings where exactly what the school board was looking for.

Sports Court line markings for MUGA’s

One of our most popular line markings installed by first4playgrounds is the sports court line markings for MUGA’s (Multi Use Games Areas).  The markings are for football, basketball, netball and tennis.  These are some of the installations we have recently completed:


MUGA in Birmingham with football and basketball line markings


MUGA in North East with football and basketball line markings


MUGA in Nottingham with football and basketball line markings


MUGA in Elvington, Dover with football and basketball line markings


New thermoplastic playground marking products

first4playgrounds have just released two new numeracy and literacy thermoplastic playground marking products to our stock, the Alphabet Tree and the Counting Ladybirds.


Alphabet Tree

The Alphabet Tree is a great game for young children learning they’re alphabet, it can be used to teach young children the alphabet in order, to spell words or just for the kids to play whilst learning as they do so.


Counting Ladybirds

The Counting ladybirds are a brilliant numeracy product, they can be used for simple addition and subtraction using the counters for teaching younger children, and division and multiplication to teach the elder years.


Counting Ladybirds

These products are available for installation or for purchase call 07894016765 to reach our office. Visit website for more details.


Trim Trail in Hartlepool at Eldon Grove Academy

first4playgrounds construction team just installed a Trim Trail for Eldon Grove Academy in Hartlepool. A trim trail is a range of different apparatus that makes up an obstacle course for the children.


Ascending Balance Beam at Eldon Grove Academy in Hartlepool

Firstly the playground tarmac is cut, then holes are dug to the depth that suits each individual piece of timber.


Burma Bridge at Eldon Grove Academy in Hartlepool

The apparatus is then fabricated and placed into the holes.


Overground tunnel at Eldon Grove Academy in Hartlepool

After this additional pieces are added e.g. ropes etc


Black Wetpour on tarmac at Eldon Grove Academy in Hartlepool

Finally two layers of wetpour are added. Wetpour playground surfacing has been designed to reduce the chance of injuries in playgrounds.

Useing EPDM rubber crumbs combined with a polyurethane binder creates a bonded wetpour rubber surface. This formula is installed directly into playgrounds by a mixing, pouring, levelling, screeding and rolling process, allowing us to install the surfacing in a variety of depths.

Football/Basketball Goal Ends and Transparent Climbing Wall in Hartlepool, England

first4playgrounds installation team recently completed two goal ends and a transparent climbing wall in Hartlepool England.

By Making this climbing wall transparent teachers can always keep an eye on the children climbing and how they are doing for safety reasons.


Climbing Wall Eldon Grove Primary School, Hartlepool


Climbing Wall Hartlepool


Climbing Wall Hartlepool


Basketball/Football Goal End, Hartlepool

Our team also installed two goal ends, with basketball hoops, and cricket stumps.


Basketball/Football Goal End, Hartlepool

Top Review for Playground Markings in Northumberland


Playground Markings review for first4playgrounds

Playground Markings review for first4playgrounds

One of our most satisfying and successful installations of 2016 was the job we carried out at Stakeford Primary School in Northumberland.  The installation was done during the summer holidays when the weather was dry and warm with no wind, and the tarmac was perfect!

Also, the chair of the governors, Jacqueline Rowell, who instructed first4playgrounds to do the work was so satisfied she emailed us personally saying,

“I just want to say a massive thank you for the work that has been completed at Stakeford Primary School. The customer service we have received has been outstanding from the start to the finish and the work has been done to a really high standard. The children love the new markings. We will certainly be using your company again.”

Jacqueline Rowell

Chair of Governors

Playground Markings in Glasgow.

first4playgrounds installation team recently installed a range of bright, colourful thermoplastic playground markings just outside of Glasgow.


Phonic Frog, Glasgow

Firstly the team crafted a phonic frog, one of our newest products, this is a great way for children to practice pronunciation of newly learnt words, jumping from circle to circle and shouting the sound they land on.


Phonic Frog, Glasgow


Target Throw, Glasgow

The target throw is one of our classic games, a great play time bean bag game, this marking can also have value for children practicing addition and subtraction, adding up their scores.


Target Throw, Glasgow


Hopscotch, Glasgow

Thirdly a our classic colourful hopscotch game was installed.


1-25 Dragon, Glasgow

Finally a 1-25 dragon was installed, this is an entertaining way for young children to practice counting from 1-25.

Car Parking Bay Installation North East


Car parking bays installed at new co op in Hexham

first4playgrounds have just completed an installation of car parking bays at the new Co op in Hexham. The car park consisted of 8 standard parking bays 4.8m x 2.4m, a disabled bay with hatching and a hatched area for deliveries.


Standard Disabled bay car park marking in Northumberland


Car park hatched area preventing parking to allow for deliveries


No Parking car park hatching around co op sign in Hexham