Chessboard 300
Chessboard 300 Chessboard 300 Chessboard 300

Chessboard 300

Price: £325.00+VAT
Product Code: Chessboard 300
Size: 3m x 3m
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Using 300mm x 300mm squares. The chessboard can be used for both chess and draughts.

Chess is a 2 player strategy game originating  from  India  before the 6 century AD and was used to train princes in warfare strategy. The chess peices represent  an army, The Rook, Knights, Bishops, Queen and pawns strategically move to  capture the opponents King and the game is won when Check Mate is declaired. In 1851 the first official competitive chess tournament took place in London. Chess  develops strategic thinking, reasoning ability and  has been shown to improve children's memory, learning ability, mathematics skills, spacial awareness and pattern recognition.

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